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Bulli © u47.orgWelcome to u47.org, the first web site to be dedicated to the history of the WWII German Type VIIB submarine U-47 and its legendary commander, Knight's Cross holder Korvettenkapitän Günther Prien, the man behind the sinking of the prize British battleship Royal Oak.

Günther Prien was one of the most famous U-boat commanders of the Second World War, and was part of an elite group that wreaked havoc in the cold depths of the North Atlantic in the boat that bore the now famous emblem of the man who was to become famously known as Der Stier von Scapa Flow - the "Bull of Scapa Flow".

Here you will find a complete history of the submarine, including overviews of its ten patrols during the North Atlantic campaign, the story of the audacious attack on the Royal Oak at Scapa Flow, a small online store, a collection of excellent downloads and an online bulletin board where you can discuss everything relating to U-47 and the U-boat war.

This site has been created as an historical resource, and as such is not representative of any political persuasion or ideology. It is dedicated to all of the victims of the war at sea during 1939-1945, not least Günther Prien and the crew of U-47, the eight hundred and thirty-three men who died on the HMS Royal Oak, and the thousands of other gallant U-boat men who left their homeland far behind, never to return.

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