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The Kriegsmarine

Kriegsmarine Ranking system - c. Officer Ranks

The illustrations below depict the insignia worm by Kriegsmarine personnel of officer rank. Officers wore symbols of rank on two parts of the uniform, on the shoulder and on the cuff. Standard uniform guidelines stipulated that only one symbol of rank could be worn at any one time.

Kriegsmarine Rank
XV. Leutnant zur See
XVI. Oberleutnant zur See
XVII. Kapitänleutnant
XVIII. Korvettenkapitän
XIX. Fregattenkapitän
XX. Kapitän zur See
XXI. Kommodore
XXII. Konteradmiral
XXIII. Vizeadmiral
XXIV. Admiral
XXV. Generaladmiral
XXVI. Grossadmiral

Portrait of Prien by Willrich

A drawing of Korvettenkapitän Günther Prien by the famed wartime illustrator Wolfgang Willrich. Note the shoulder bars with the two pips indicating the rank of Kapitänleutnant.

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