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Günther Prien

Career Summary

16.01.08 Born in Osterfeld, Thuringia
1923 Joins merchant marine
1932 Gains Master's Certificate
16.01.33 Joins Reichsmarine as Offiziersanwärter; infantry training in Stralsund
01.03.33 Assigned cadet rank of Fähnrich zur See
01.04.33 Joins Naval school at Flensburg-Mürwik
01.10.34 Watch officer on light cruiser Königsberg
01.01.35 Promoted to Oberfähnrich zur See
01.04.35 Obtains full commission, promoted to Leutnant zur See
10.35 Graduates from U-boat training school, assigned to U-26 as Watch Officer
01.05.36 At disposal of FdU
01.10.36 Assigned as II.WO on U-26
01.01.37 Attains rank of Oberleutnant zur See, Assigned as I. WO on U-26
01.10.38 Attends building instruction course on U-47, Kiel
1939 Marries fiancée Ingeborg
17.12.38 Assigned to U-47, as commander
01.02.39 Promoted to Kapitänleutnant
05.09.39 First successful "kill", the SS Bosnia
14.10.39 U-47 sinks HMS Royal Oak at Scapa Flow
06.07.40 End of most successful patrol, sinking eight enemy vessels
01.03.41 Promoted to Korvettenkapitän
07.03.41 Reported missing following skirmish west of Ireland

Prien memorabilia

A selection of items commemorating Günther Prien, including silver salvers (often awarded to successful U-boat skippers), a plaque, dress cap and portrait.

Major Awards and Decorations

25.09.39 Awarded Iron Cross second class
17.10.39 Awarded Iron Cross first class
18.10.39 Awarded Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
20.09.40 Receives the Oakleaves to the Knight's Cross
Eisernes Kreuz II. KlasseEisernes Kreuz I. KlassePanzerabzeichen in Silber
RitterkreuzRitterkreuz mit Eichenlaub

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