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The Captain's Cabin: Model Display Cases

A fine home for your creations...

It happens to everyone. You spend time and energy building a scale model, only to end up seeing it either gathering dust on top of a wardrobe or running the risk of getting broken. A display case is the ultimate way to solve this problem as well as being a stylish, sophisticated way of showing off your creation.

Carefully constructed using 4mm thick glass with a hand-carved wooden frame and base, these 600mm long, 170mm high and 110mm deep display cases can be placed either on a wall bracket or bookshelf. They can be made using either light or dark wood to suit your fixtures and furniture, and come with either brass feet screwed into the base or wooden bracket feet. These stylish and elegant cases have been custom built for the Revell 1/125 scale U-47 and U-99, and have an approximate all-round clearance of 8mm.

Glass Display Case, Light WoodGlass Display Case, Light Wood

Two images of the glass display case in light wood with brass feet, both closed and open. This example contains the Revell 1/125 scale model of Otto Kretschmer's U-99. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image.

Glass Display Case, Dark WoodGlass Display Case, Dark Wood

Two images of the glass display case in classical dark wood with brass feet. This example contains the Revell 1/125 scale model of the "cutaway" U-47. Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image.

These distinctive hand-crafted display cases are available at an exclusive price of 80.00 GBP including postage and packing. Please note that these carriage rates are for United Kingdom orders only; for all other orders, please e-mail us for further details.

You can order your scale model glass display case online right now by credit or debit card by simply selecting your chosen options from the dropdown lists below and clicking on the "buy now" button. All online transactions are conducted through the PayPal merchant system, which guarantees that your purchase is both quick and secure.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay by cheque or international money order/bank transfer or would simply like to find out more about this item, please send us an e-mail with your order details and/or enquiries. Please note the cheque-based payments can be taken in Sterling only.

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