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The Patrols

Patrol 01 - 19.08.1939-15.09.1939

19.08.1939 U-47 Departs dock at Kiel for the Atlantic on large-scale manoeuvres.

01.09.1939 German forces cross the Polish border. Two days later on the 3rd, Britain and France declare war on Germany.

04.09.1939 U-47 stops an old and dirty Greek freighter of between 5,000 and 6,000 tons bound for Rotterdam (Prien says Germany in U-Boat Commander) with a cargo of British minerals. Prien examines their papers then lets them go. They sight a Swedish and then a Norwegian ship, both heading west, in the afternoon.

05.09.1939, Steam freighter Bosnia (United Kingdom, 2,407 grt) attacked by torpedo and deck gunfire, sunk. Time of first attack, 0815 hours. Location 45°29N/09°45W. The first official victim of the Atlantic U-boat war according to German records. The British freighter Athenia had been sunk earlier by U-30, but had been officially denied by the German authorities during the war.

06.09.1939, Steam freighter Rio Claro (United Kingdom, 4,086 grt) attacked by torpedo and deck gunfire, sunk. Time of first attack, 1440 hours. Location 46°30N/12°00W.

07.09.1939, Steam freighter Gartavon (United Kingdom, 1,777 grt) attacked by deck gunfire, sunk. Time of first attack, 1747 hours. Location 47°04N/11°32W.

15.09.1939 U-47 returns to dock at Kiel.

Total days at sea: 28
Enemy vessels sunk: 3
Total tonnage: 8270 grt
Total days in port: 23

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