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The Captain's Cabin

Books, Videos and Giftware

Welcome to the Captain's Cabin, a place where you can purchase a range of items from specially-designed hand-painted U-47 glasses and hand-crafted model display cases through to books and videos from amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and amazon.de. Although the customised product range is at the moment rather small and restricted to the special u47.org beer glass and model display cases, we are planning on increasing the number of products to include a range of glasses, mugs with the "Snorting Bull" emblem and hopefully caps and T-shirts sporting the u47.org caption, the "Snorting Bull" and the site's mascot, "Bulli". Please check this page for regular updates.

At present there are three sections in the Captain's Cabin, just click the links below to go on in.

As ever we are on the lookout for people with similar interests, so if you have a related product and feel we can do business please click on the e-mail link and drop us a line.

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