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A collection of related and interesting sites

Here you will find a selection of links to a number of interesting U-boat and Kriegsmarine related sites, as well as a number of other interesting WW2 and historical sites. All links have been checked, though this site is not responsible either for dead links or the content of linked sites, all of which will open in a new browser window. If you would like to link your site to u47.org, just click here!

The List

  • ubootwaffe.net A clean, well designed and well maintained site chock full of interesting facts and statistics on the U-boats of the Second World War and the crews who served in them. Contains a number of well-researched articles, an excellent and ever-growing searchable database and a discussion board where even non-registered guests can post.

    url: www.ubootwaffe.net
  • U-boat.net Probably the greatest U-boat resource on the web, if not the best ever compiled. There are thousands of pages available online, including full histories of each U-boat, biographies of the commanders, detailed histories of the battles and a range of interesting facts, figures and downloads. If you want to know who sank what and who sank where, this is the place to find it.

    url: www.uboat.net
  • U-boat Archive This site is a collection of records detailing successful attacks on U-boats by American forces during World War Two. The site is thorough, and includes an array of original archive photographs and transcripts of interrogations of captured U-boat personnel.

    url: www.uboatarchive.net
  • HMS Royal Oak Managed by Peter Rowlands, this is an excellent and well-researched resource dedicated to the HMS Royal Oak and the 833 sailors who perished at Scapa Flow on that fateful night in October 1939. Contains complete details on the battleship and its crew, a number of excellent illustrations and diagrams, as well as poignant articles and letters. You can also order a 50-minute video directed by Peter Rowlands himself.

    url: www.hmsroyaloak.co.uk
  • Die grauen Wlfe A thorough historical overview of development of the U-boat arm between 1919 and 1945. Although there are few actual illustrations, the site contains excellent technical details of all of the U-boat types. In German.

    url: www.deutsche-u-boote.de
  • Die Geschichte der Deutschen WK-II U-Boote Yet another thorough site in German about the U-boat war, which in addition to a good historical analysis includes an excellent section on U-boat books and films and glossary of U-boat terms.

    url: www.u-boot-greywolf.de
  • UbootfanClub A well-built, concise site including a nicely-designed forum, a selection of downloads and an unique "U-boat of the month" feature. In German.

    url: www.ubootfan.de
  • Robbe Modellsport Robbe has a wide range of fully-operational scale models, including a stunning 1:40 scale model of Prien's U-47. You can find out more by clicking here, where you can even see movies of the 1.7m long submarine in action!

    url: www.robbe.com
  • German Naval History A compendium of a site which offers among other things a thorough history of the WW2 Kriegsmarine. This includes an excellent and wonderfully illustrated technical overview of every single type of vessel employed, feature articles, and animated operations maps of many of the Kriegsmarine's most well-known campaigns.

    url: www.german-navy.de
  • The U-boat Bases An informative site about the U-boat bases in France, complete with a nice collection of colour photographs and a wealth of statistical data on the pens that protected the North Atlantic fleet. In both English and French.

    url: www.uboat-bases.com
  • Silent Hunter II The official website of UBISoft's classic U-boat campaign simulation. Includes features, game screenshots and the latest updates and patches.

    url: www.silenthunterii.com/intro.html
  • Unterseebootwaffe Beautifully illustrated and laid-out site covering all aspects of the U-boat fleet, from techincal details on all of the boats through to reviews of U-boat related films!

    url: www.dataphone.se/~ms/ubootw/welcom.htm
  • WWII German Uniforms and Badges An excellent and well-researched site containing custom drawings of the rank badges and service uniforms of the German armed forces during the Second World War.

    url: www.kneller.com/wehrmacht/main.html
  • U-Boot-Museen in Deutschland A neat, clean, well-organised site with details of all of the U-boat museums in Germany, complete with short histories of each boat. In both German and English language.

    url: http://www.juergenthuro.de
  • The Kriegsmarine A well-written site presenting a history of the German Navy, the Kriegsmarine, from 1939-1945. Includes a section on the U-boat fleet.

    url: www.kriegsmarine.net
  • U-boat Art Prints This site specialises in the distribution of U-boat Art, including a number of limited edition prints and original artwork for the enthusiast.

    url: www.u-boat-art.com
  • U-47 A small, neat site with information on and pictures of U-47 and Günther Prien, as well as a nice collection of images of U-47 scale models in action! In English and French.

    url: www.chez.com/u47/index.html
  • U-35.com A site dedicated to the U-boat U-35 skippered by Kapitänleutnant Werner Lott. Contains a detailed history, a good collection of photographs, and excellent illustrated biographies of the skipper and crew. In English and German.

    url: www.u-35.com
  • U-Boot Zentrale An informative web site containing among other things a detailed list of all U-boat losses, Knight's Cross winners, and a glossary of U-boat terms. There is also a small illustrated section dedicated to Günther Prien. In German.

    url: www.u-boot-zentrale.de
  • U-Boat Emblems of World War II, 1939-45 An online catalogue of excellent handmade emblems crafted with jeweler's saws and files, rough cut, the way a "Machinist" would have made them on a war patrol. There is also a wonderful "snorting bull" badge.

    url: www.uboatemblems.com
  • U-Boat Uniforms Here you can purchase at reasonable prices hand-made replica U-Boat uniforms, including peaked caps, officer's dress jackets and distinctive pin badges. These quality replica pieces have even been used on the History Channel for re-enactments in documentaries about the U-Boat war.

    url: www.u-boatuniforms.com
  • The Louis Scheid A thorough history of the Belgian vessel that encountered the U-47 on its third patrol in December 1939. Although not an official victim of Prien's boat, the Louis Scheid met its end following the meeting, running aground off the South devon coast.

    url: www.twothirdsblue.co.uk/Louis_Sheid
  • El Snorkel Spanish language site devoted to submariners and submarine enthusiasts everywhere. Contains a number of articles, images, latest news and interesting links. The site is particularly good for those interested in more recent Argentinian Navy vessels.

    url: http://www.elsnorkel.com
  • Absolute all about Scharnhorst & Gneisenau A detailed site documenting the history of the famed German battleship Scharnhorst and its sister ship Gneisenau. Includes a wealth of statistics, photos and a discussion forum.

    url: http://www.scharnhorst-class.dk
  • Absolute all about Bismarck & Tirpitz A thorough and well-researched site covering the history of two of Germany's most famous battleships of the Second World War, the legendary Bismarck and her sister vessel Tirpitz. Packed with illustrations and facts and figures, the site also contains a discussion forum.

    url: www.bismarck-class.dk
  • Ron's Submarine Covers An unique site devoted to the collection of First Day Covers and other philatelic items with a submarine theme.

    url: users.skynet.be/RonSubCovers/
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