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This site has been built to the highest standards set by the W3C (that's World Wide Web Commission, for all you non-webheads out there), and is also built to be accessible across the widest user community. The default width of the site is suited to 1024x768 resolution machines, but by using a combination of the 'Ctrl' and '+' keys you can enlarge it to fit with everything resizing in proportion - even the fixed-sized images if you are using IE7!

The main menu also has Quick Keys or 'Access Keys' associated with each item, so you can jump from category to category without having to use your mouse. To use the Quick Keys:

  • Internet Explorer: Hold down the quick key and 'Alt', and then hit ENTER
  • Firefox 1.0, Mozilla, Netscape 8: Hold down the quick key and 'Alt'
  • Firefox 2.0: Hold down the quick key with both the 'Shift' and 'Alt' keys
  • Opera: Hold down the quick key with the 'Shift' and 'Esc' keys

The Quick Keys have been selected so that they do not conflict with any of the standard keyboard commands when using a standard browser.

Although on this site most users will know exactly what everything means, there may be some technical terms and acronyms that may be unfamiliar to some. These are all provided with Tool Tips, which when you roll over them with your mouse tell a little bit more about each term. Each Tool Tip is signified by a dotted underline.

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Accessibility Tips

Hold down the Ctrl and '+' or '-' keys to increase or decrease the screen text size... Use the Quick Keys to help navigate your way around the site...

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