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U-47 Photograph Album

Sections M (October 1939, Germaniawerft, Kiel) & N (Germaniawerft document)

M01. Germaniawerft, Kiel

The crew have gathered on the forward deck. Water has been removed from the lock and access is available on both port and starboard sides. The 88mm gun has been removed for necessary maintenance.

During the Scapa Flow mission, the port side of U 47’s hull had scraped an anchor chain. It is likely that the rusty links of the anchor cable, covered with seaweed and encrusted with barnacles, would have scraped off the anti-fouling paint on parts of the port side of U-47's hull and the keel. This damage was repaired, and the lower hull repainted, in late October and early November 1939.

A caption beside this photo in The Phantom Of Scapa Flow by Alexandre Korganoff (Ian Allan Ltd., 1974) identifies this photo as having been taken on the 21st November 1939 in Kiel. The date is certainly erroneous, since U-47 sailed on her third patrol on the 16th November. (Admiral, Phantom)

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N01. Unknown date prior to the 24th October 1939

During the ceremony on the 24th October 1939, the crew of U-47 signed the Golden Book of the Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft A.G. shipyards. This was a special booklet produced by the shipyard in honour of U-47's exploits in Scapa Flow. The booklet included N01, which depicts U-47 at an unknown time prior to the 24th October.

It is signed by Wessels as L.I. (Leitender Ingenieur – Lead Engineer), Endrass as I.WO (Erste Wach Offizier - First Watch Officer) and von Varendorff as II.WO (Zweiter Wach Offizier - Second Watch Officer). (Phantom)

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