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U-47 Photograph Album

Section U (Autumn 1940, Lorient)

U01. Autumn 1940, Lorient

The bull in this photo is very similar to the bulls in the T series, except that the tip of the tail curves to the right rather than the left.

In the centre of the photo can be seen the top of the UZO (Uberwasserzieloptik or surface attack optics) column. Located between the tower hatch and the sky periscope housing, this was used by the First Watch Officer to aim the torpedoes during surface attacks. The UZO, just like the attack periscope, was linked to a mechanical analogue attack computer located at the after end of the conning tower.

Once the target was lined up, the necessary mechanical connections were made from the computer to the gyro compass and the UZO. The connection provided the attack computer with data about the speed and heading of the boat, plus the bearing of the target. After other necessary data was inputted, a firing solution was computed in seconds.

The attachment braces for the starboard jumping wires and the fixed voicepipe also feature in this shot. (Osprey)

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U02. Autumn 1940, Lorient

This was taken at the same time as U01. The difference is that the air trunking is visible in this photo. Notice that on the inside of the bulwark the rim around the top only juts out around the inside at the front of the tower. However, on the outside face of the bulwark top, the rim jutted out around all of the bulwark top and all the way down to the tower floor. The large waterproof rangefinding binoculars manufactured by Carl Zeiss, and the part upon which they are mounted, were detachable from the UZO column. As the binoculars were not waterproof at depth they were taken inside the boat before diving.

The paint on the detachable mount beneath the binoculars is lighter than the paint used on U-47's tower. It could be that this mount had been inside the boat when the repainting from Dunkelgrau 51 to Schlickgrau 58 had taken place in the summer of 1940. As this mount often remained inside the boat, protected from the elements, there may have been no requirement to repaint it at that time; such circumstances might have resulted in the detachable mount remaining in the older and lighter Dunkelgrau 51 (RAL7000) paint. Another possibility is that it was painted in the light grey Hellgrau 50 (RAL7001) paint. (Trojca Hardback/Pictorial, Ubootwaffe Part 4)

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U03. Start of 8th patrol, 14th October 1940, Lorient

Preparations are being made to leave on patrol. Since the crew are not dressed in leathers, as they were at the start of the 9th and 10th patrols, and the location is unquestionably Lorient, then this must have been taken at the start of the 8th patrol on the 14th October 1940

This photo proves that the diesel exhaust outlet was modified at some stage. In I04 it can clearly be seen to be round, whereas in this photo it is oval. The outlet hole is above the level of the aft drainage holes rather than along them as before. (Ebay)

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U04. Autumn 1940, Lorient

U-47 is either departing on or arrived from patrol. In the distance towers one of the large cranes serving the port of Lorient. (Source unknown)

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